WILKS-USA High Pressure Washer 3800 PSI/262 BAR Electric Water Patio Cleaner


Nothing can beat the cleaning of outdoor provided by the WILKS-USA High Pressure Washer. It is the most powerful electric washer available in the market that is capable to blasts dirt and grime off paths, driveways, walls, roofs and vehicles with effortless force. The powerful Jet-USA 3800 PSI/262 Electric Washer helps to complete your cleaning tasks in half a time and get the results beyond your expectations.

The cleverly incorporated reel includes 30M hose that provide the massive reach that ensure you can clean every inch of roof, large worksite and your car. With its wheel trolley design, you can transport this beast anywhere with ease. This amazing model also include a BONUS roof lance, BONUS turbo wand, plus two BONUS premium scrub and rotary washer driven brushes to give amazing overall performance.

The 1L Detergent Tank with Built-in Injector System and Pro Tip Nozzles ensures that everything you spray or wash comes up like new!