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Privacy Policy

This page refers to the privacy policy for Pressure Washer. We request the user to review carefully this particular column so that he or she can better understand the ways in which we collect details from them. Above all, we want the user to know how we utilize the details that have been collected from him or her and how his or her privacy is very much important for us.

Information which we will need from the user can basically be categorized as personally identifiable details and non personal details. Buyers should be familiar with the fact that Pressure Washer is not the ultimate sellers here. We basically assist the buyer in finding a suitable washer at affordable prices.

Pressure washers which are also known as power washers are useful for cleaning up cars, driveways, patios, gardens etc with least effort and most effectively. So, to shop for such appliance you must proceed by sharing some vital details like name, email id, telephone number, physical address etc. These are personal details which will be used by us to contact you in order to notify you about various deals going at Pressure Washer. Moreover such details will also be provided to the seller to further get in touch with you.

On the other hand we also look for details like IP address, access time, browser type and language, other web pages which have been browsed by the user etc from cookies or directly validating the browsing history of the user. This will tell us about the browsing pattern of the user and also demonstrate whether or not our website has been useful for you.

Visitors looking for suitable deals can proceed anonymously at Pressure Washer. This means for simply browsing our website the visitor need not have to share any personal information at our website. However in order to go ahead he or she will definitely be required to provide details in an online form which should contain valid personal details.

Our website provides links to third party sites. But these sites are administered by different privacy policy and don’t obey our terms and conditions. So, if buyers wish to visit these sites then he or she should get acquainted about their policies and conditions. It is because in case if anything goes wrong while he or she is accessing the website then we will not take responsibility of that.

Privacy policy which has been stated here is subjected to change from time to time in order to best serve our users. So, it is necessary that the user should also read this page carefully every time he or she visits this website. It will not be possible for us to update them from time to time.